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Question 1: Please identify all of the pizza styles offered on your menu.

Question 2: What should Covid Conscious Customers know about your pizza restaurant?

Question 3: Where would you like pizza consumers to be sent to place online orders?

Question 4: Which of the following online ordering companies do you partner with?

Question 5: Which restaurant review site(s) would you prefer your pizza customers to see?

Question 6: Which Social Media would you prefer pizza consumers engage with your restaurant.

Question 7: What are your best selling menu items (Other than Pizza)?

Question 9: Which of these Dining/Ordering Options do you offer?

Question 10: What alcohol options do you offer?

Question 11: Do you have an existing pizza loyalty program?

Question 12: Would you consider providing a free pizza as an incentive to register more new customers?

Question 13: What kind of entertainment does your pizzeria offer?

Question 14: Which of the following payment methods do you accept?

Question 15: Do you have video content that you would like to share with pizza consumers?